Affirmation Reflections, Worksheets & Guides


Stress and anxiety are both parts of your daily life as a human. Both can affect your total well-being, health, work, relationships, happiness, and self-confidence if not well managed.

When you lack self-belief, as a consequence you stop asserting yourself. You give yourself up to fate and begin to allow things to happen for you.

Anxiety, passive and defensive attitude, doubt, fear, and low self-esteem can occur due to lack of self disbelief. To be sincere, this isn’t a lifestyle you will enjoy.

Lose yourself off your Comfort Zone. Positive thought affirmations are best for individuals who wish to leave their comfort.

The first step is to erase your negative inner talk, these thoughts only confine you to your comfort zone. Positive affirmations help start a new thought process that will create new life and joy.

You’ll be able to brush off your doubts and fears. Also, eliminate thoughts confining you to self-inflicted limitations. You can visualize the outcomes that you want to manifest in your life with affirmations.

In essence, the law of attraction states we draw into ourselves anything we focus on. Studies have shown that in relationships, ‘like attracts like’. What you focus on becomes manifested into our reality.

Worksheets, guides, and planners are also great and helpful resources you can use to manage your stress and anxiety as you go about your daily activities and living.

When you feel overwhelmed and can no longer cope with your situation do not hesitate to consult a medical practitioner for an evaluation.

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