How to Build Self-confidence And Be Happy

Everyone is created for acknowledgment, for success, for greatness. The ability to be confident in yourself was not given by chance but lies in you.

Like with all other things you are in equal standing with that of the fellow sitting beside you. The difference though lies in your treatment of the capabilities that you are endowed with.

The initial development of self-confidence originates from your childhood, the way you were raised, the opportunities that sharpened you to be the person you are, and your unique reactions when faced with challenges.
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What is self-confidence?

At a very young age, you already know how it feels to be humiliated or encouraged. You probably are already capable of giving interpretations of the way things happen to you.

If in childhood you failed to react positively due to reasons like lack of guidance, poor models, and insufficient knowledge. The succeeding phases of your lives will likely become dependent on how the things went during these ages

Self-confidence is the accumulation of all your reactions to the experiences that life brought you. It is the way by which you were guided by the older people in our environment and how society views you.

A lot of factors can contribute to your understanding of confidence.
A major determining factor is how much you expect from yourselves and how your lives should be.

You tend to fall into the trap of creating unrealistic expectations. In the process, you may encounter painful losses that eventually lead to the effects of creating lower self-confidence.

What Causes Low Self Confidence?

There is no single factor that we can consider as the main source from which low self-confidence exists.

Low self-confidence is the accumulation of mishaps and lacks in the past that you may be failing to unearth and give the due remedy.

It is the outcome of your failure to recognize who you truly are and what are restraints to your growth.

Low self-confidence is bounding. It would send you stomping on your endowed capacities and instead, take your failures as early defeats.

It confines you to your comfort zone where you feel everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes.

Low self-confidence often develops during childhood.
Unfortunately, a lot of people have parents, teachers, friends, and enemies who are keener on our deficiencies than on our talents.

They would tell you more about your mistakes and kill your inner drives. Although, you may not be told directly their actions and sneers are enough to convince you that you are a loser.

Sometimes, people may do things for you when they feel like you can’t do things on your own.

All these are indirect instances that would contribute to your eventual loss of self-confidence.

When you continue at this phase, you would soon discover that salvation from low self-confidence is presenting itself to you. Because you are all too muddled in your world that it would be a way impossible

How to Build Self-Confidence and Happiness

Sadly, many of us cannot grasp optimism from a life that is muddled with miseries, morbidity, and struggles.

Of course, life’s pleasure would not be appreciated if it were not equated with unhappiness. Pain cannot be felt if all we know is joy. Tears would lose their worth if you always experience happiness.

Confidence would not be perceived if we do not fall flat on our faces sometimes.

Life is a gratifying privilege and we can make everything we want from it. For you to avoid losing those precious moments that shall never pass by us again, you have to start early in building our foundation

A moment that’s gone is gone forever but your light won’t even lose its value long after you have gone.

With optimism in life, you would be able to recognize the fullness of your potential.

Everyone has an equal chance for recognition yet many of us fail to share the limelight because we surrender even before the battle began.

If you would want to share what the world offers, you must be brave enough. Nothing should stop you from living your life, not even the miserable demons of low self-confidence.

The brave ones in life are those who are confident enough in themselves. Sometimes, we just have to take risks so that we might discover what lies on our road.

Taking risks though requires lots of belief in yourself. Without this, you would be like a warrior who has lost his armor.

You are equipped from birth with all the skills that you will use in the later stages of your lives. An example of such a skill is your ability to face challenges and to face them with faith.

Yes! You also have an equal chance to develop your sense of self, even when it seems others are more blessed than you.

You may have this same notion that life is unfair when in fact, it is not. We all have our shares of blessings and our shares of challenges. It just lies in your perception of things and the manner you handle things.

The same thing goes with self-confidence and happiness. You may think and compare yourself with your colleague that you look up to at work, or your partner because he can bear himself better, he can face the public better and he is much more eloquent and more confident than most of you.

Remember that before he got to that level, he faced challenges that contributed to his self-esteem and self-confidence. You can be that man, only if you believe in yourself enough.

You just have to find your enlightenment to be able to achieve the building of good foundations for your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Changes must come from within before you can accept the assistance that comes from outside.

Realization of how valuable you are and how beautifully you were created cannot be helped by outside reinforcement if you, refuse to accept this one simple truth.

Go on, help in the discovery of yourself and that is among the most wonderful venture you will take in life.

How to get self-confidence is a major issue when tackling the development of self-confidence especial if you have a belief that your self-worth is deficient.

Generally, self-confidence and the manner you increase them are achieved only when you dare to do things you thought were out of your capacities.

Sometimes you fail to recognize that simple things can help in delivering to you the glories of confidence.

You can achieve the development of your confidence in several ways. By developing verbal skills through writing and public relations you can increase your sense of self.

A large number of people do have a fear of facing the public. Yet once you get over this fear, you are likely to discover more of your capabilities later. You may also find a boost of self-confidence from cultivating your innate talents.

Self-confidence comes from within. Outside stimulation may help but it still requires you to know yourself and use that knowledge to gain confidence.

To get self-confidence, you must acknowledge that your limitations must not limit you and your attributes must not destroy you.

Rather, use all these factors to develop a personality that would be productive for you and those around you.

It is vital to know yourself and get confidence. Remember that knowledge comes only inside of you.

Thus, you need to accept the reality that unless you embrace your flaws and perfection, the influence of low self-confidence would stay forever linger in your being.


There are endless possibilities for building your self-confidence, you just have to be open to them.
Remember that the only being that would stop you from developing is yourself and the only being that would thrust you to your happiness is also yourself.