Relationship & Dating

Your relationship with others or your partner can either be healthy, unhealthy, anxious or stressful.

I do not think there is any human who does not crave for healthy, safe, appreciated, free and supportive relationships.

An unhealthy relationship can make you stressed, anxious, insecure, abusive and unhappy.

Setting healthy relationship boundaries can help you build and preserve your relationships. It is also a vital component to improve your self-care and help you make the best decisions.

A lack of healthy boundaries can affect all aspect of your life and relationship in a negative way. This can lead to stress and anxiety in your relationship.

Relationship anxiety

Relationship anxiety can take things in your relationship to a new perspective. Here are some examples to help you know if you are having relationship anxiety;

  • Always nagging
  • Always jealous
  • Desperate to control your relationship
  • Not sure of your compatibility with your partner or friends
  • Quick to lose temper
  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Struggling to achieve sexual drive.

Stressful relationship

Stressful relationship on the other hands can lead to breakups or divorce if not taken care of. This can occur when you allow stress to become a part of the relationship.

It is vital for you to note once the stress in your relationship gets to the point where you start questioning your self-worth or having debates of compatibility with your partner.

Then it becomes a problem.

Relationship anxiety and stress is a horrible thing to encounter in a relationship.

It prevents you from enjoying the magic of being in love, always worried that your partner will leave.

Luckily, there are several ways you can calm your thoughts and readjust your mindset.

This act will help you relish your relationship rather than living in a constant state of stress, doubts and fear.