StressandAnxiety warrior is built with a greater commitment to changing the world by providing useful information to help you de-stress, cope with stress and anxiety, understand and appreciate yourself, and grow better parenting and relationship with others. 

Practical stressful situations

You may be familiar with some of the problems shared below as they resonant with some events in your daily life;

  • I am at the zenith of my career, and I have made tremendous professional success. But, this success has cost me my personal and family life. I do not feel connected to my spouse and kids anymore! I feel I am alone and feel guilty about this disconnect.
  • My teenage child always keeps to himself and doesn’t feel comfortable and panics when in a crowd. I am worried he has social anxiety. What can I do? I am stressed out.
  • I am a 9 to 5 worker; my job is very demanding and busy. But sometimes, I wonder if what I am doing truly makes me happy and what difference it makes in my life. How do I handle stress from my work? Is there any stress test I can take to help me access my stress level?
  • How do I cope with stress from family members and friends? My family and friends are too toxic, they don’t seem to understand and respect my personal decisions nor care about my happiness.
  • My relationship sucks. My partner is cheating on me and this has made me have a sleepless nights, mental stress, and emotional trauma. How do I destress myself and find personal happiness again?
  • I get easily flip over the slightest thing and I don’t feel best unless I hit something when am stressed. How can I manage stress and anxiety?
  • I think I have an eating disorder. I tend to overeat when under immersed stress. This is causing me to gain weight and I have been thinking a lot about it, keeping me awake at night. Am having panic anxiety.
  • I need to know how to deal with Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).
  • I am a busy mom with a special kid, working hard to take care of my family. I feel am not doing enough for my kids as a parent, not having enough time for them due to work. The work stress is affecting my health and reasoning.
  • What stress management techniques do I need? How do I stop worrying?
  • I have thousands of ideas in my head that I can implement to start a business and self-improvement. I keep procrastinating, nervous, shy, and unconfident that I achieve my dream.
  • How can I overcome anxiety and build confidence in front of people to achieve my dream career? Are there affirmations and worksheet guides that are helpful to me?
  • Hey! My back hurts badly, it is so important for me to sit for long hours due to my work stress. This makes me nervous and affects my relationship with others because of my pain. What relaxation techniques can help me cope with stress and anxiety?

This lists of question go on …….. These problems are painful and require time, an emergency fix altitude can’t solve them.


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