Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety are often used more often vice versa. There is an overlap between stress and anxiety.

Stress is like the same ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ response as anxiety. The physical sensations of stress and anxiety may be very similar.

The cause of stress and anxiety, for the most part, are diverse. Stress focuses more on the external pressures you often find hard to cope with.

When you feel stressed, you usually know what the stressors are.
Most times the symptoms of stress disappear after the stressful situation is over.

Anxiety isn’t always as easy to figure out. Anxiety focuses on worries or fears. Also about things that could be a threat to you, as well as being anxious.

Stress and anxiety are both parts of you as a being human. Even so, both can be problems if they last for a long time or have an impact on your well-being or daily life and health.

Stress management techniques such as relaxation, mindful meditation, yoga, exercise, self-care, listening to music, good sleep, proper planning guides, positive affirmations, and treatments are needed to help cope with stress and anxiety.


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