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Why stress and anxiety warrior?

Stress and Anxiety Warrior is about YOU, your mental well-being, and your journey to a fulfilling life.

Here’s why I chose this name:

  1. Stress – To recognize your challenges and provide strategies to help you manage and overcome stress.
  2. Anxiety – To offer tools and support to guide you through anxiety and help you regain control.
  3. Warrior – To empower you to fight and conquer your mental health battles with resilience and strength.
Lauretta Iyamu, PharmD

Hi There,

I’m Lauretta—a pharmacist, medical writer, and passionate mental health content creator.

With the right mindset and resources, you can take control of your mental health and lead a fulfilling life.

This platform was born from my personal experiences—a journey through the complexities of mental health challenges, the scarcity of accessible resources, and the transformative power of taking charge of my well-being.

Driven by my personal struggles, I delved deep into mental health research and psychology. My mission is to provide you with reliable guidance and support, helping you and your loved ones manage mental health effectively.

I’m here to share my journey and the steps I’ve taken to create a supportive, informative space for mental health.

My own journey began several years ago, and since then, I have been dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and support.

I’ve evolved from someone seeking answers to a mental health advocate committed to well-being, self-care, and continuous personal growth.

On this platform, you’ll find authentic, practical advice and strategies.


To empower you to take control of your mental health and live a fulfilling life, true to yourself and your goals.

SUPPLEMENTS for STRESS AND Anxiety- mental illnesses and other mental health conditions without using antidepressant medications

Welcome to Stress and Anxiety Warrior—a space that shares real, actionable mental health strategies.

This platform is designed to help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression, break free from limiting beliefs, and encourage you to thrive.

We firmly believe that a positive mindset is importantto regaining control of your life and living intentionally.

What We Offer:

  • Scientifically-Backed Advice and Strategies: Access advice and strategies from mental health professionals.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Find articles, tools, and support tailored to your needs.
  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of individuals sharing their journeys.

Let’s embark on this journey together, building a thriving life free from the limitations of stress and anxiety.

Welcome to Stress and Anxiety Warrior.